Just Talking


I want to talk to women about turning 60 yrs old, bcuz i will be there in a few months, and i’m feeling some type of way, first I can’t believe it happened so fast, does that make sense ladies? Well it has arrived, I feel good, and i look pretty good,everybody tells me i look much younger, I thank them, but then I think to myself, yeah that’s all well and good, but that #60 is not going to change,, although i work with much younger co-workers, and guess what I out work all of them, im talking 21yrs,30’s and early 40’s, I feel good knowing that at this age I can move faster, and do more than the ones who should have 3x my energy!! So my question is :ladies what do you all think about turning 60 and working with much younger people on the job, do u feel out of place, or are u proud of urself, for being so darn good, and can still hold ur own!